A lifelong drummer with a doctorate in chiropractic, Mike Murray a.k.a. The Beat Doc has recently stepped in front of the kit, guitar in his hands, to share a unique message of mindfulness and healing through song.

As a professional, Mike specializes on the hugely influential role the mind plays in health and wellbeing; naturally, many of his songs draw inspiration from the significance of thoughts: how they can hold us back or propel us forward…

The skillful lyrical substance of Mike’s songs is presented with catchy hooks and friendly melodies, an adroit pop sensibility that calls to mind acts like The Weakerthans and Nada Surf. 

Listening to Mike’s songs makes one feel as though a good friend they’ve been missing has just shown up – the kind of friend who can bring out your best, who always has an eye on constructive possibilities.

At a time when too many in their late thirties have abandoned creative pursuits and given up on childhood dreams, Mike is blazing an original, imaginative path and helping others flourish along the way. 

For general inquiries or booking please email: mike@thebeatdoc.com

or DM me on Instagram: @thebeatdoc